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Surge Protection - Naples, Fort MyersDid the lights just flicker?
Electric surges occur when the line voltage goes higher than it is rated and stays longer than 10 milliseconds. These surges generally go unnoticed, except by your appliances.  Everyday, appliances are zapped by about 20 power surges.  These surges reduce the lifespan of your appliances by as much as 30%!

What Causes Power Surges?
The most widely known and destructive causes of power surges and spikes are thunderstorms. In the United States, lightning strikes a given neighborhood approximately 60 times a year (even more often in Florida) threatening the life of your electrical equipment.  In addition, devices with motors, such as refrigerators and even hair dryers, experience internal power surges when they are suddenly shut off. The energy these devices had been using is redirected elsewhere in the form of excess voltage. Surges can also occur when the power company decides to switch power from one area of the grid to another to meet system demands.

Why is Surge Protection Important?
With advances in technology and even basic appliances, power quality has become more and more important. This is because today’s computer chips are much denser, making them all the more sensitive to power surges.   Additionally, homes and offices are using more equipment than ever before. Just look around, how many devices do you see using technology right now? Lastly, microprocessor technology is more abundant than ever before. Your computer, TV, stereo, DVD player, DVR, refrigerator, washer, dryer, microwave oven, and even dishwasher all include microprocessors. This makes all these devices vulnerable to damage from a power surge.

What Types of Surge Protection are Available?
Surge protectors work by regulating voltage by either blocking or shorting to ground voltages above a safe threshold. Advanced Air offers two kinds of surge protection:
  • Point of Use Surge Protection –These devices just protect sensitive electronic equipment and major appliances. Point of use suppressors can handle surges up to 6,000 volts, and generally are small devices that plug into the wall outlet.
  • Whole House Surge Protection – These devices protect all appliances in the home against transient surges that enter through the home’s electric supply. Whole house surge protectors have to be installed directly at the meter or electrical panel by a licensed electrical contractor.

Not sure which type of surge protection is best for you? Our technicians can help you make a decision to lengthen the life of your electrical devices, just give us a call or schedule an appointment.

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